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All Nations Radio, Rejoice 101.3 FM,, Rejoice Musical Soulfood, Gospel KDML Praise Radio 

Rac Man Christian Radio, WPRS Praise 104.1 FM, WDJL Love 1000 AM, WMBM 1490 AM 

WCAO Heaven 600 AM, WNNL The Light 103.9 FM, KRGN 98.5 FM, Synergy 1 Radio 

Nia Radio, Jam the Hype Radio, Friday Night Live W/ Jerome, Bonnerfide Radio 

Yes Lord Radio, Gospel Impact Radio, KJAG Radio, Cogic Radio FM


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“This music is Dope”
“Pelle has really good music” Jon Delange- Tinderbox

“Wow this song is Hot” Jerry Smith- The Light 103.9 FM
“This song works for my show”- DJ Craig C- Heaven600 iHeartRadio

"Hearts is a really nice song" Mike Chandler- Rejoice Musical Soulfood
“Wow! Love your singles and I will put it in my heavy rotation. Awesome!”- Julius Koonce-

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