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Pellé Price is an extremely versatile, and rather eclectic "Christian" artist from Richmond, VA. He was recently discovered and signed almost immediately by CEO & Founder of Native Productions Tanya R. Liverman in early June of 2014. Tanya went on to say "He will be a trail blazer for sure.” There is no doubt that Pellé’s God-given knack for writing infectious pop songs infused with hip-hop undertones will serve as a major gear in the well oiled machine of his career and ministry. In fact, his first single "Light Show (Adonai)" released October 1, 2014 and is expected to be a grand opening to his career and launching pad of the same. 

Alongside the releasing of his single, Pellé Price joined Native Productions artist Edward James and others on an independent artist tour in London, England in October 2014. "Its a true blessing" Price says "I'm so thankful that God called me out of the secular music arena at the time that he did, simply because I would have never found the peace and fulfillment of knowing and living within the purpose for my life and my music.”

The singer’s professional career began in the summer of 2004 when he recorded his first RnB song alongside one of the members of one of Richmond’s most popular hip-hop groups, "The Super Friends.” It was during this session that he fell in love with creating music and everything that came with it. He became immediately captivated and engulfed himself deep within the wave of music and pop culture. Naturally it wasn't long before he began to spread his wings in Richmond, VA's downtown music scene performing parties, weddings, football games, and even church youth events. Also During a rather unexpected chain of events he joined a hard rock band by the name of  "Sleepless Empire.” While being involved with this band he began to play numerous shows and events, all while gaining experience and exposure to the other side of the music industry. 

​In early 2006 following a short-lived audition on American idol and the disbanding of "Sleepless Empire," Pellé gained the attention of national recording artist DP DA PROPHET. The major artist was impressed by the singer’s multi faceted approach to music and took him under his wing teaching him the ins and outs of the music business. Through this connection, Pellé had the opportunity to meet and be around some of the biggest artists in the industry, recording and being a part of the creative process at recording studios including Grand Hustle Studios, So So Deff, and others. Though this may have seemed like the perfect place in life to be for this young budding entertainer, "God had other plans for my life" Pellé says. It was within this time span that God began to open his eyes to his true calling and purpose: to provide an avenue of hope, peace, joy, and salvation through music and worship to God to those who are hurting and lost. Thus, on an early morning in the summer of 2009 he rededicated his life to Christ and set out to bring to pass the mission God set out for him to speak life into the hearts of God’s people.

​Needless to say, this Richmond, VA native is ready to take the industry and the world by storm and be a shining light in a world of darkness.

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